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Equipped with a clear vision and mission, Preservation Equity Fund Advisors (PEF Advisors) was formed by leaders in the affordable housing space to create investment opportunities that instill traditional real estate economic returns while providing our partners with a greater purpose for their portfolios.

Guided by our dual mandate of impact & performance, we are here to enhance affordable housing investments through professional management and a commitment to helping communities preserve affordability.

The result is a team of affordable housing thought leaders and proven fund managers with a discerning eye for unique, value-add opportunities and an unwavering dedication to the individuals and communities we serve.

Building on a Strong Foundation

Our Mission

We are dedicated to the preservation of affordable housing through investment strategies that improve properties and support communities while generating results for the partners we serve.

Why PEF Advisors?

PEF Advisors believes investing to preserve existing, affordable rental housing can provide investors with the potential to receive durable income, capital appreciation and a potential hedge against recession. All this, while having a positive social impact through the preservation of this essential housing. Working with PEF Advisors offers:


Proprietary Data Analytics


Affordable Housing Expertise


Property Management Relationships


Institutional Level Governance

Preserving Affordability Through Impact

Adopting initiatives that provide tangible benefits to our properties and residents, PEF Advisors is dedicated to creating a positive impact on both the residents and communities we acquire. With a value-add perspective, our priority lies in finding new ways to support tenants’ lives – starting with providing social service opportunities and improving energy efficiency.

Partnership That Builds Community

Discover the relationships we cherish with our affiliates and partners—each sharing our passion for affordability to create our comprehensive affordable housing platform.

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