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Preservation Equity Fund Advisors (PEF Advisors) is a real estate private equity fund manager providing access to investment opportunities that preserve and strengthen affordable housing in the United States.


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What We Do


We identify, acquire, manage and preserve affordable housing in the United States


We manage closed-end funds on behalf of institutional investors seeking to invest in the preservation of affordable rental housing


We invest in true affordable housing that meets the rigorous standard of public welfare investments as defined under the National Bank Act

The PEF Difference

Vision Backed by

Providing affordable housing for families, senior citizens, veterans and individuals who truly need it most.

Results Built on

Building meaningful outcomes with a positive social impact, beyond just returns, as a comprehensive gauge of performance.

Strategy Driven by

Leveraging proprietary analytics to identify markets with favorable economic and real estate fundamentals.

Legacy Fueled by

Supported by 50+ years of distinct connections in affordable housing through our affiliated companies.

In too many communities across the nation, Americans are struggling to afford a place to live. An estimated 20 million renter households—including working families, seniors, and veterans—spend over 30% of their income on rent. Half of these households spend more than 50% of their income on rent.

Source: Pew Research Center, Key facts about housing affordability in the U.S., 23 March 2022

PEF Advisors is here to change this trend—by providing more access to quality affordable housing.

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